Activity Level Compliance for Club Permit Registration 

September 2012  
Our club needs to be able to demonstrate how we manage the requirement by Vicroads to only have “Active Members” authorized for “Club Permit Registration” (Red Plates)  
Control System (Endorsed Monthly Meeting 24/9/12)  
Members requiring “Club Permit Registration” will need to accumulate 10 points per year to 
have their registration papers signed by an authorized club representative. To simplify the 
process, point accrual will begin following an AGM and conclude at the following AGM. For a 
registration to be signed at a monthly meeting, the member must be financial and have their 10 
points from the previous year. 
The system will begin following the 2013 AGM. 
10 Points can be accrued in the following ways; 
Attend 3 Events + AGM   (2 points per event and 4 points for the AGM) 
Attend 5 Events  (2 points per event) 
Definition of “Event” – Monthly Meeting 
Club Run/Cruise  
Club sanctioned event (participation in a community event etc.) 
Club social event 
Exceptions:  It is recognised that members may not be in a position to participate every year but 
still want to keep their Club Permit Registration. A request for exemption to the 
Points system for a year will be considered by the Club Executive if submitted in 
writing to the Secretary. Granting of exemption will also be provided in writing to the 
member, to present when submitting registration papers for signing. 
It is also recognized that AGM attendance may not be possible for all members. 
A written apology will be accepted in lieu of attendance.